Miguel Cabral

Rudimentol Records 2003
(Rud CD002)

Music by: Miguel Feraso Cabral
[RGB] Organ, effects / [Outras Cores] Microphone, objects.

Track list:

01 10:00 - R (red)
02 10:00 - G (green)
03 10:00 - B (blue)
04 14:14 - Outras Cores


Recording: September 2003
Mixing: October 2003

Produced by Miguel Feraso Cabral



For lovers of old space movie soundtracks, dissonant organ chords, low budget electro-experimentations with more sincerity and good ideas than expected, here comes Portuguese Miguel Cabral. "RGB" is a stimulating listen: based on organ and effects only, it's a fascinating voyage through the past, when fantasy and intuition counted more than fine technique or pretentiousness. Miguel treats the instrument with various distortion levels and strange ambiental morphings, often surprisingly and efficiently concise, straight to the focal point of each piece. In a few moments I thought about the very first (pre-pompous soundtracks) Vangelis albums such as "Hypothesis", or about less consonant areas of ancient works by the German "cosmic couriers". I'm aware of a few very good sound alchemists coming out of Portugal and I'm happy to add Cabral on this precious list.

Massimo Ricci, in Touching Extremes - 2003


The first three tracks are called 'R', 'G' and 'B' and last ten minutes each. Here too Cabral is in an improvisational mood, but with a totally different set of ideas. Improvising his way on the organ and some effects, mainly feedback fed through echo, this is quite a noisy affair. As a bonus Cabral added 'Outras Cores', for microphone and objects. This is a much calmer piece of disjointed sounds. Tinkling sounds, squeeking of ballons and a sigh and a door. A relaxing piece after the electric storm of the previous three.

Frans de Waard, in Vital Magazine - 2003